Meet The Team


They say it is a small world. So it is possible you have met or heard of one of us already. Here we give you an opportunity to get to know all of us. If there is one thing we know, business is not just about transactions, it's about interactions.

Team camaraderie

So the success of our business relationship will be as good as the depth of mutual trust and camaradrie that we share. For this reason, we want to get to know both you and your business.

But we also know that you have serious business. So you want to know who you are dealing with. These pages cannot hold the volume of experience and expertise that we have acquired on our individual journeys. But we can give you some highlights.

For one, every partner of Gold Street has either started their own business, or holds a stake in an entrepreneurial venture or start-up. This means that we are able to complement our skill and expertise with both professional and personal experience.

But that's not all. Why not read our individual profiles and find out what each partner brings to the table. Through these pages, you will also get a hint of what makes us a great team and why we work so well together. If you like what you see, contact us.