Business Model Assessment

Your business model is the combination of assets, inputs, operations and outputs of your business that together generate revenues and profits. It's how your business creates value.

There are many different elements of a business model to consider and our first task is to carry out an 'end-to-end' review (i.e. from first contact with customer to completion of service) ensure that every aspect of your business has been captured.

We then assess the robustness of the business model by carrying out an in-depth analysis of each of its elements, identifying the key risks and profit drivers, and examining the critical assumptions to ensure they are realistic and credible.

Business cashflow projections

Finally, we assess the economic, commercial, legal and competitive landscape to assess the viability of the business in its operating environment, i.e. will it survive in the open world?

This service is good if you are clear about your business idea and would like to take it through a rigorous analysis in order to determine the critical elements, to uncover any hidden complexities, and to draw up any contingency plans. Contact us.

From: $1,500