Our Vision

Certainly, we love what we do and want to be the best at it. We enjoy working together and thrive on seeing satisfied customers. And naturally, we want to get rewarded for our work. But this not all that Gold Street is about. We have a vison.

See vision

Our vision is to see transformation in the markets in which we work. Transformation in standards, in attitudes and in outlook. Embedded in us all and in our environment are talents and resources that have the potential to change the world we live in.

But much of this potential may never see the light of day where there are mediocre standards, poor attitudes and a myopic outlook. No doubt there are many answers to this. Ours is enterprise. This is the tool we plan to use to effect change.

With this tool, we plan to raise standards, improve attitudes and broaden outlook, and in so doing unlock the potential that we see all around us. If enterprise is a tree then these are its fruits. And its shade is a shield against the heat of hunger and toil.

Plant vision

So what is our mission? To sow seeds of enterprise. We want to see trees everywhere. We want to see a forest. We want to see the Amazon. We won't stop sowing until then. Mission: possible.