Our Clients

Client Profiles

We serve four types of clients.

Small & Medium Enterprises

Small & medium enterprise

This is our service to help small & medium enterprises to get off to a flying start, to conslidate their business interests and streamline thier operations, or two expand their services and implement a new project.

Large & Multinationals

Large & multinationals

This service is for large & multi-national corporations who are seeking customised ad-hoc services to complement their in-house experts or exisiting professional relationships.

Govt. Departments & Agencies

Govt departments	 & agencies

This service caters for national and local government departments and agencies who seek to bring in independent and professional experts to advice, on and coordinate ad-hoc projects and new initiatives.

Foreign Direct Investors

Foreign direct investors

This service is targeted towards foreign investors who wish to gain exposure to the regions that we focus on, providing them with an introduciton to the market, and relevant and timely advice.